Institute of Postgraduate Studies & Research

He, Ling
Doctor of Philosophy (Social Science)
Faculty of Arts and Social Science

"Their mentorship transformed me from an academic novice unsure of how to conduct research into a confident individual capable of effectively communicating and discussing research outcomes with experts during Proposal Defense (PD) and Work Completion Seminars (WCS)."

Yu, Shichao
Doctor of Philosophy (Chinese Medicine) 
M.Kandiah Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

The Programme has also provided me with opportunities to improve my scientific research competency and nurture a positive attitude of continual learning.I enjoy my campus life in UTAR and have gained friendships and unforgettable life experiences.

Siroshini a/p K Thiagarajan
Doctor of Philosophy (Science) 
Lee Kong China Faculty of Engineering and Science

Participating in the research programme at UTAR has provided me with opportunities for collaboration with fellow researchers and experts in the field. My experiences have fostered strong collaboration and networking skills, cultivating a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment for research pursuits

Chin Wen Cong
Doctor of Philosophy (Social Science)
Faculty of Arts and Social Science

"Through this programme, I have learned to independently conceptualize a psychological study, complete a Ph.D. thesis, and produce an original review paper that is worthy of publication and acceptable by a refereed journal..."

Heri Gasper Mulamula
Doctor of Philosophy
Faculty of Business and Finance

"I am confident that the outstanding educational experience provided by UTAR will continue to empower countless students to reach their full potential and make valuable contributions to their respective fields..."