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It has been your lifelong aspiration to pursue a Master’s degree study but do not have the requisite Bachelor’s qualification to apply for admission?

Dream no more. Now you can apply for admission through APEL (A)

What is APEL (A)?
APEL, which stands for “Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning”, provides an 'alternative' entry method to those who do not possess the requisite formal qualification to further their education to a higher level. 

To qualify to be assessed by APEL, you must be a Malaysian citizen of at least 30 years of age and possess at least STPM / A-level / Diploma / Equivalent qualification with relevant work experience. 

  • Master of Business Administration 
  • Master of Business Administration (Corporate Governance) 
  • Master of Business Administration (Building Management) 
  • Master of Business Administration (Corporate Management) 
  • Master of Project Management 
  • Master of Information Systems 
  • Master of Communication 
  • Master of Strategic Communication 
  • Master of Environmental Technology 
  • Master of Engineering (Electrical) 
  • Master of Engineering (Mechanical)
  • Master of Engineering (Electronic Systems)
  • Master of Real Estate Development

Read more about APEL, click here 
 APEL A Brochure


What is APEL (C)?
Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning for Credit Award
APEL (C) is an award of credit granted to a student based on prior experiential learning that is relevant and specific towards a course within a programme of study.

Learn more on APEL C via the APEL C Centre  ---->here

APEL C Brochure