Institute of Postgraduate Studies & Research

How to Apply

Step 1: Referees

Get 2 referees contact details and inform them in advance to prepare an Official Referee Letter in Institution/Company Letter-Head. Referee can be your previous Lecturer or Supervisor, current or previous Employer, Superior or Colleague, at least one from the academic line who had taught you Potential supervisor cannot be the referee;

  Referees will received an email from the system to fill in the referee feedback and upload the Referee Letter once you submit the application

Step 2: Research Proposal & Proposed supervisors

For By Research Programmes , applicant to discuss with the potential supervisor before submitting online application and to upload the agreed research proposal using with the prescribed  Endorsement of Research Proposal form.

 To find the potential Supervisor please visit our webpage at for information on the Academic Staff and their Research Areas)

Step 3: Complete the Online Form

Fill up the application form in English and upload the supporting document File name in English) as per checklist , it is very important that your form is COMPLETE to avoid any delay in your application. 

Link to the application form


Additional Documents for Master of Architecture 

Submit the additional supporting documents such as portfolio and log book to 

Intake and Application Deadlines 
Category Mode of StudyOpening & Closing 
 January 2024
InternationalMixed-Mode/ Coursework
Open for Application submission
Close on 6/12/2023 
(those who wish to register between Jan 2024 to April 2024)
Open for Application submission
Close on 15/02/2024 
LocalMixed-Mode/ Coursework
Open for Application submission
Local  Research  
(those who wish to register between Dec 2023 to April 2024)
Open for Application submission
Closed on 15/03/2024 
             MAY 2024
     International   Mixed-Mode/ Coursework  
Open for Application submission
     International     Research
(those who wish to register between May  to Jul 2024)
Open for Application submission
    Local  Mixed-Mode/ CourseworkOpen for Application submission
     Local     Research  
(those who wish to register between May  to Jul 2024)
Opening in March 2024